Why Does This Blog Exist?

The short answer is, I don’t quite know yet. I am blessed with many one-on-one conversations, debates and outright rants with family, friends and clients and it sometimes occurs to me if those points and positions were captured maybe the world would find value in that. An idea is a terrible thing to waste so this is intended (at least for now) to be a catch-all for the benefit of all.

What does TravelEnlight Mean?

On a particularly hard day in my life back in the fall of 2016 I had a resurgence of the motivation to write out all of my ideas like I used to so I thought “why not share it with the world instead of just filling another journal to sit on a bookshelf?” With that decided I then had to choose a name for my new blog. The two most important things to me in life are travel and enlightenment (many posts on this later) and most of my travel is done on a motorcycle or with a backpack so I thought a combination of the two was fitting. Traveling Light + Englightenment = TravelEnlight

What to Expect

Time will tell but for now you should expect (and I will too) candid opinions and insights, great photography, scattered writing and sometimes just plain self-serving content to make me feel good about how I’m using this life I’ve been blessed with.