Okay so I bought the hosting and installed wordpress on September 2nd for this site.  FINALLY, 86 days later, I actually do something with it (give me a break I’ve civilly unwound a 10 year relationship, managed my responsibilities at my company virtually and driven 8,500 miles visiting 19 states/provinces in 2 countries in that time and most of it was without cell service or internet)!

In the interest of getting that “well, that’s not good enough for the site so I’ll wait until I have something better” bullshit out of the way HERE IS MY FIRST POST.

If you haven’t read the home page please do before you leave.  This blog will probably be laughable at times and it will probably piss a few of you off at one point or another (if so I hope you comment and share your position on the issue so we can all either learn from it or make you wish you had kept it to yourself).

After reading this pathetic post, this may be your only visit here and frankly I don’t give a shit because I’m going to write anyways and I know you’ll come back to peek at some point when I have something of actual value to offer.  If you DO have faith my content won’t suck and you want to stick around be sure to subscribe below so you get timely alerts when I actually do post something (you may have to wait 86 more days).

Whomever you are, I’m glad you found your way here and I hope to provide value to you in the form of enlightenment, laughter, deep thought and maybe just plain entertainment as you watch me fumble my way through this crazy wonderful life helping others and looking for my next adventure 😉

“I believe candor is a virtue…why the HELL don’t the rest of you?”  

– Chad Corbett